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1SSU Launches: Australia's First Joint Space Surveillance Unit

On July 3rd, the Australian Department of Defense unveiled a series of initiatives aligned with the 2023 Defense Strategic Review (DSR) aimed at enhancing the space defense capabilities of the Australian Defense Force (ADF).

September 19, 2023

The Australian Department of Defense announced that the Defense Space Command has been officially transferred from the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) to the Joint Capabilities Group (JCG) as of July 1st. Simultaneously, the ADF's inaugural joint space unit commenced its operations.

Lieutenant General John Frewen, Chief of Joint Capabilities, emphasized that the Defense Strategic Review underscored the importance of better coordination in the realms of space, cyber, and information warfare. The consolidation of these elements within the JCG is expected to enhance capability development, management, and the delivery of integrated effects.

The JCG, overseen by the Australian Department of Defense, has the responsibility of advancing cutting-edge capabilities, including cyber operations, datalink technologies, satellite communications, and the oversight of joint projects. Additionally, it provides a range of services to the ADF encompassing legal matters, logistics, education, and health.

The inaugural joint space unit within the ADF, known as the No 1 Space Surveillance Unit (1SSU), has commenced its operations and is dedicated to bolstering space domain awareness (SDA) and providing missile warnings to the armed forces. The 1SSU was established in January at the RAAF Base Edinburgh, situated to the north of Adelaide.

According to the Australian Department of Defense, the 1SSU has assumed control of the C-Band Radar and Space Surveillance Telescope (SST) as its key operational capabilities, with initial support from the No 1 Remote Sensor Unit (1RSU).

Author: Nessa, Cyber Journalist

Source: http://surl.li/lgnkv

Photo: Aldebaran S/Unsplash

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