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Airbus Unveils Agnet, a Next-Gen Collaboration Solution for Public Safety

To advance public safety, Airbus introduces Agnet, a next-generation collaboration solution designed to meet the growing needs of professionals. Going beyond traditional communication methods, Agnet uses 4G/5G technology to provide secure and reliable access to mission-critical services, including data, video and location functions.

December 10, 2023

The United Kingdom is one of Airbus' four core markets, alongside France, Germany, and Spain. Airbus has established a robust presence in the United Kingdom's defense and security market. Having established a strong influence in the defense and security sector, Airbus contributes to the advancement of communication, intelligence and security solutions, as well as the development of advanced satellite systems.

Recently unveiled at the Birmingham Emergency Services Show, Agnet solution has drawn attention for its role in developing robust public safety communications solutions on a global scale.

Agnet is designed as a collaboration solution that prioritizes security, particularly against cyber threats. Working seamlessly, the platform encrypts all communications to preserve the confidentiality of critical operations, ensuring resilience in challenging environments.

Developers report that Agnet's functionality ranges from simple push-to-talk to advanced group collaboration and offers the flexibility to professionally manage users and groups. By supporting various devices and network technologies, the platform enables efficient and secure operations in the field. Its open interfaces allow easy integration with third-party systems.

The solution provides instant access to voice, data, live video and location services at the touch of a button on your phone. This is to enable professionals in the field to make quick decisions and stay ahead of unfolding situations. This capability contributes to the security of communities and businesses.

Agnet is declared to meet the highest security requirements and comply with EU cybersecurity and GDPR regulations. All communications are encrypted, preventing unauthorized access and prioritizing user protection.

Providing full interoperability with existing narrowband systems, Agnet is fully compatible with 4G and 5G technologies. Its compliance with the eMBMS functionality optimizes radio resources, allowing priority use of MNO networks for public safety.

The developers claim that the Agnet solution for:

The police

Agnet helps fight crime in cities by providing modern communication solutions for the police. The platform improves information sharing, facilitates incident management, emergency response and crime prevention.

The fire and rescue and the medical teams

In scenarios such as fires at crowded events, Agnet solution provides improved decision-making by field commanders through video streaming, and in some cases enables health monitoring. In the field of medicine, the platform facilitates effective group communication, improving service quality and work efficiency.

You can get acquainted with the details here.

Author: Nessa, Cyber Journalist

Source: http://surl.li/ocwuf

Photo: Robynne Hu/Unsplash

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