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Backpack-Sized Anti-Drone System Empowers Soldiers to Disrupt Hostile Drones

Compact anti-drone technology that fits in a backpack enables soldiers to effectively counter the threat of enemy drones. The device, known as EnforceAir, uses short data signals to silently track and take control of enemy drones by hacking their systems.

October 5, 2023

Unlike traditional anti-drone systems that rely on jamming signals to disrupt enemy devices and communications between the drone and its operator, EnforceAir uses RF cyber detection and mitigated capture. This approach allows detection, locating and identification of unmanned aerial vehicles without jamming. This is an accurate and more reliable solution.

EnforceAir, developed by D-Fend Solutions, is already in practical use by the police and the Ministry of Defense. Speaking at the Defense and Security Equipment International show in London, Geoffrey Starr, D-Fend Solutions' marketing director, emphasized that a deep understanding of drone communication protocols is key when "rogue pilots" lose control and being unable to regain it.

Using a handheld device, operators can designate a security area, such as a military base, and receive alerts if an unmanned aerial vehicle enters the area. Operators can then choose to "mitigate" potential threats by changing the message to orange. If necessary, they can take control of the drone by activating EnforceAir, changing the message to red. The system then hacks the drone, reprograms it with new coordinates and safely guides it to a pre-determined landing zone.

Compared to previous anti-drone systems that were heavy, bulky and expensive, EnforceAir's small size and lightweight allow for rapid deployment. It can be set up within 10 minutes of troops arriving on the scene, mounted on a pole or tripod and will work seamlessly in noisy environments.

Martin Broomhead, a former Air Force member who serves at D-Fend Solutions, noted a significant increase in interest in EnforceAir since the start of the conflict in Ukraine. The system is used not only for military purposes, but also in major London airports. The urgency of protecting against the potential threat posed by attackers using drones is becoming increasingly apparent, and Russia is a leader in the development of such technology.

Author: Nessa, Cyber Journalist

Source: http://surl.li/lvjvz

Photo: D-Fend Solutions AD Ltd.

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