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Lexicon for Outer Space Security Unveiled by UNIDIR and SWF

Geneva, 16 August 2023 — In a significant step towards enhancing international cooperation and understanding in the realm of space security, the UN Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) and the Secure World Foundation (SWF) have jointly unveiled "A Lexicon for Outer Space Security".

August 25, 2023

This document, meticulously curated by Almudena Azcárate Ortega of UNIDIR and Victoria Samson of SWF, aims to establish a common reference for terminology in the domain of space security by offering a cohesive framework for interpreting and discussing various concepts related to space security.

The first edition of the Lexicon, which spans 42 pages, is divided into three main categories:

  • Commonly Used Acronyms. It contains 32 acronyms, most of which are familiar with the space community.
  • Definitions of Frequently Used Concepts. It contains common definitions and is divided into four sections: Space Objects; Space Orbits and Locations; Space Services and Activities; and Space System Components.
  • Terminology Used by States in Space Policy Discussions. It is divided into three sections: Counterspace Capabilities; Principles & Concepts of United Nations Space Treaties; and Space Policy Discussions (Misc.).

One of the notable aspects of this Lexicon is its acknowledgment of the diverse interpretations that stakeholders may attribute to certain terms. Rather than imposing uniform definitions, the lexicon shines a light on the potential variations in understanding, emphasizing the importance of achieving common ground through constructive conversations.

Funded generously by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea, this Lexicon is designed to evolve in sync with the dynamic landscape of outer space activities and security considerations. As new challenges and opportunities emerge in this ever-evolving field, the lexicon will adapt to accommodate the changing needs of the global community.

"A Lexicon for Outer Space Security" is an invaluable tool for diplomats, policymakers, scholars, and enthusiasts alike. By facilitating effective communication and mutual comprehension, this collaborative effort by UNIDIR and SWF sets a promising precedent for international cooperation in safeguarding the security and sustainability of outer space.

To download the publication, click here.

Author: Nessa, Cyber Journalist

Source: https://www.unidir.org/publication/lexicon-outer-space-security

Photo: Philippe Donn/Pexels

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