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Romanian Ministry of National Defense will invest $5 million in Starlink for its armed forces

The Romanian Ministry of National Defense (MoND) is ushering in a new era in military communications by planning to leverage SpaceX technologies for its armed forces.

August 24, 2023

According to reports from certain Romanian media outlets, the MoND intends to acquire SpaceX Starlink equipment to enhance communication and internet access within the Romanian army. If this intention materializes, Romania will become the second country, after Japan, to adopt SpaceX's satellite communication technology for its armed forces.

Procurement Plan for Equipment Acquisition

The MoND has announced the commencement of the procurement process for SpaceX Starlink equipment and services through three competitive lots. These lots encompass various aspects of satellite communication within military operations:

  • Business Services and STARLINK Satellite Equipment or Equivalent. The goal of this lot is to ensure effective communication on the battlefield, where the army is deployed. Utilizing satellite communication will enable the army to maintain communication even in areas with limited terrestrial connectivity.
  • Continental Services and STARLINK Satellite Equipment or Equivalent. This lot aims to provide communication and internet access in broader areas, including the continental territory of Romania.
  • Satellite Services and STARLINK Equipment in Motion or Equivalent. This lot reflects the necessity of maintaining communication for troops in motion. Satellite communication will allow troops to stay connected even during mobility.

Strategic Advantage

The implementation of these plans will grant the Romanian army a significant technological advantage. Providing reliable and high-performance internet on the battlefield can assist commands in obtaining real-time operational information, directing actions, and sustaining communication with military units across various points.

Financial Details

As reported in the Collaborative Information System for Public Procurement (SICAP), Romania is prepared to pay Elon Musk $5.5 million for utilizing Starlink services. It is expected that applications will be reviewed by September 21, 2023. Selection criteria will encompass pricing and guarantees provided for the proposed services.

The Romanian army is learning to evolve in tandem with technological progress, elevating communication and internet services to a new level through collaboration with SpaceX Starlink.

Author: Nessa, Cyber Journalist

Source: https://www.bizbrasov.ro/2023/08/22/armata-romana-internet-stalink-elon-musk/

Photo: SpaceX/Pexels

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