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RRB received the Air Force Electronic Warfare's Outstanding Level II Electromagnetic Warfare Unit

Space Systems Command (SSC) handles satellite launches and space capability acquisition for joint warfighters, but a lesser-known yet vital part of its work is the Rapid Reaction Branch (RRB). This unique acquisition unit, operating under SSC's Space Domain Awareness and Combat Power directorate, swiftly deploys capabilities in response to urgent operational needs. The RRB dramatically shortens development and deployment timelines, condensing them from years to mere months or even weeks.

September 21, 2023

Apart from developing crucial capabilities, the RRB excels in building secure facilities in challenging environments. They leverage streamlined acquisition and flexible funding to provide concepts of operations, tactics, techniques, procedures, operator training, and system support for the DoD's most critical missions.

Recently, the RRB earned recognition for advising the Commander, U.S. Space Command, on crisis response options during Operation ZODIAC ENDEAVOR. They executed two overseas missions to develop, test, train, and deploy a $5 million space electromagnetic warfare capability in under 60 days.

Amid ongoing operations, the RRB adapted swiftly to changing conditions, increasing mission utility by 92%. They integrated a 10-member space operator quick reaction force, trained 35 additional crew members, and drove a paradigm shift in space electromagnetic warfare targeting.

Their dedication was acknowledged when they received the Air Force Electronic Warfare's Outstanding Level II Electromagnetic Warfare Unit of the Year award, making them one of two U.S. Space Force winners.

The RRB collaborates closely with Combatant Command planners and operational users to address emerging threats and optimize innovative solutions. They maintain an in-house testing organization to ensure quick response capabilities are adequately verified.

Over five years, the RRB effectively responded to seven urgent operational needs for five Combatant Commanders. They're the only Air Force unit to fulfill an urgent operational need within the mandated two-year timeframe.

The Air Force Electronic Warfare Annual Awards Program recognizes their contributions, covering significant EW problems, training innovations, and mission success.

Author: Nessa, Cyber Journalist

Source: http://surl.li/liqwu

Photo: Multimedia/Space Systems Command

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