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Successful penetration: GUR informed about huge cyber attack on contractor of the ministry of defense of russia

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (GUR) reports about huge cyber attack on russia ― the database of the Far Eastern Research Center for Space Hydrometeorology "Planet" ("Планета") has been destroyed.


This Russian state-level enterprise is responsible for receiving and processing data from satellites, and it provides relevant products to over 50 state entities, primarily the ministry of defense, general staff, and EMERCOM services in russia.

What's known?

The attack on the Far Eastern (largest of the three) branch of the Research Center for Space Hydrometeorology "Planet" was carried out by cyber volunteers-patriots from the "BO Team".


  • Infiltration into the center's database allowed the destruction of 280 servers involved in the overall network.

  • The volume of destroyed information is about 2 petabytes (200 million gigabytes) of data.

  • The cost of the lost russian digital array may be at least 10 million dollars.

  • Among the destroyed data are meteorological, and satellite data actively used in real-time by the russian ministry of defense and EMERCOM, “Roscosmos”, and other state-aggressor agencies, as well as years of accumulated unique research.

The operation of supercomputers at the Far Eastern center, equipped with which, is paralyzed and cannot be fully restored. One such computing device, together with software, costs $350,000. In the conditions of harsh sanctions against russia, it is practically impossible to obtain such software again.

Along with data repositories, servers, and computers, the cyber attack paralyzed air conditioning and humidity control systems, as well as emergency power regulation in the center's building.

In addition, the russian station in the Arctic on Bolshevik Island, which performs important tasks in the military sphere, is completely cut off from the network.

In general, dozens of strategic companies of the russian federation, which work for the defense industry and play a key role in supporting the russian occupation forces, will remain without critically important information and services for a long time, - the GUR concluded.

Author: Nessa, Cyber Journalist

Source: https://t.me/s/DIUkraine/3287

Photo: WikiImages/Pixabay

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